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Develop or hone a culinary skill, or explore a region or theme.   Join me in the boutique, state-of-the-art live studio kitchen at Connecticut Kitchen & Bath in Avon or I can come to your home or place of business.  Custom group and private classes are available, the studio hosts 10 guests comfortably.   Classes are two hours long.   You may bring your own wine.

October-December 2018 COOKING CLASSES offered through Farmington Valley Continuing Education for ADULTS, FAMILIES, AND YOUTH. Please register and note the class dates, times, and location. Register with Farmington Valley Continuing Education.


  • Oct. 10-Wednesday-Autumn dinner party, baked farro with butternut squash, cider roasted chicken.  Bring your own wine

  • Nov.14-Wednesday- How to Charcuterie?! How to build a stunning meat and cheese board like a professional, and on a budget.  Bring your own wine to enjoy with the food.

  • Nov. 28 Wednesday-Holiday Grazing Show, baked goat cheese with tomato olive sauce with toasted baguette, roasted Buffalo cauliflower with house made bleu cheese dressing, holiday  hummus with veggies and apples

FAMILY CLASSES-Gather your family to prepare recipes from around the world, learn culinary basics, and broaden understanding of global flavors.

  • Oct. 4-Thursday-Mexican-how to make homemade enchiladas chicken and vegetarian and lime cilantro rice

  • Dec. 6-Thursday-Chinese-how to make sweet & sour chicken from scratch, start to finish

  • Feb. 7-Thursday-Italian -How to homemade fast marinara and beef and cheese manicotti

YOUTH CLASSES (grades 7-8)

Desserts 3 C’S Cobbler, Custard, Cookies

Learn the essential methods and ingredients of dessert preparation.  This will provide students with knowledge and hands on experiance so they are confident in preparing basic desserts.

  • Nov. 1-Berry cobbler ala mode

  • Nov. 8-Homemade custards, chocolate and vanilla with homemade whipped cream

  • Nov. 15-Chocolate chocolate chip cookies


Students will gain insight and hands-on experiencer to essentials of bread making.  They will learn types of breads, what makes them different, and science and tips to prepare breads below and others of the same type.

  • Jan. 17-Quick breads, banana (they will take a small one home) 1/17

  • Jan. 24-Yeast breads, homemade pizza 1/24

  • Jan. 31-Scones, cut out and filled with strawberry jam

American Regional Cuisine

This is a road trip for the taste buds.  Explore the U.S. and popular ingredients and recipes.  This class will not disappoint students open to culinary adventure.  Learn cooking skills, while exploring regional cuisines.

  • Mar. 14-Southwest-homemade taquitos

  • Mar. 21-Midwest-how to cook the perfect steak and make amazing mashed potatoes

  • Mar. 28-Southeast-shrimp & cheddar grits

GROUP CLASSES are $39-$75 per person, children’s classes $35-$45 per person, based on menu choices.  Their is 8 person minimum and 10 person max.  The host communicates with the group about menu, food allergies, payment, cancellations, and other class related info.  I have a list of seasonal menus and will work with you to accommodate for food allergies and preferences.


PRIVATE CLASSES can be an individual or up to 6 people.  I have taught career moms and dads, couples, families, grandparents, and children.  Private classes can be one time or a series.  Clients typically choose culinary skills, menu and/or recipes they want to excel in.  Classes are 1.5-2 hours in length.  I provide a grocery list, clients typically shop or I can for an additional fee.  The fee for private classes is $45 per hour plus the cost of food.  Clean up time must be factored in and depends on if I am doing it or we are working together.  A meal is always prepared for clients to enjoy after class or take with them.  A budget for a class with 2 people, 2 hours with a salad, entrée and side or something comparable would be about $120.00-140.00 total depending on menu (organic groceries, seafood or steak will be closer to 140.00+).

CANCELLATION for a whole group class must be made 5 days in advance for a refund.  If an individual in a group cancels they must do so 48 hours in advance and the class minimum of 8 must be reached in order for a refund.  Private classes can be cancelled at any time and the client is responsible for grocery expenses and shopping time if applicable.