Celeste Borelli Personal Chef Services, LLC

seasonal offerings


Lots of summer events and celebrations, so little time!  I can help by preparing your salads and or entrée.  I am offering my favorite salads, they serve 15 guests.  Choose two for $70.00 +tax, you may pick up in Canton or have delivered for an additional charge.  Salads are packaged in disposables but can be easily transferred to serving bowls.  I will provide garnish on the side if you will be transferring.

Potato Salad-potatoes, basil, tomatoes, garlic aioli, and parmesan

Golden Sunshine-quinoa, fresh herbs, golden raisins, orange and rice wine vinaigrette

Chopped Asian Salad- veggies and rice noodles,  sesame vinaigrette

Southwest Quinoa-fresh corn, grape tomatoes, black beans, cilantro, fresh lime

Gigi's Classic Macaroni-hard boiled eggs, dill pickles, green olives, mayonnaise


15 BBQ Rubbed Chicken Breasts char-grilled with house bbq or coffee bourbon bbq  $65.00+tax

Charcuterie Board for 15-25 snacking guests (includes borrowing my stunning board) $125 +tax

Call 860.895.7623 or email cborelli@att.net for availability.  Pick up in Canton or have delivered for an additional charge.